How does Emirates Look After Their Grounded Aircraft?

With 270 aircraft in their fleet, Emirates has the world’s largest fleet of wide body aircraft.

When borders began closing, they were left with the mammoth task of parking up and maintaining their jets - even will they are not flying!

Of the 270 aircraft in their fleet, Emirates had initially parked and stored a total of 218 aircraft – 117 at Dubai World Central and 101 at Dubai International airport – this involved more than 15,500 man-hours of work.

While a narrow-body (737/A320) aircraft requires around 3-4 employees working for eight hours or so to cover it, Emirates aircraft need 4-6 employees working a 12-hour shift. 

The rest of their aircraft are undergoing maintenance, including scheduled heavy maintenance, in Emirates' state of the art Engineering’s hangars. 

We hope this current situation comes to an end very soon, so the world can resume gloablised travel - and these beautiful birds can get back up in the air where they belong!

Emirates A380

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