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Alice Springs, Australia

On 26th April, Singapore Airlines sent four Airbus A380s to Alice Springs Airport in Australia.

The dry climate of Alice Springs is excellent for long-term storage; with minimal corrosion occurring at the Singapore base, due to the heat and the humidity.


SilkAir’s fleet of six Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft have been at Alice Springs Airport for more than six months. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more aircraft have been arriving here; including more than 20 from 4 different airlines, Singapore, SilkAir, NokScoot and Scoot.

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage, located at Alice Springs Airport, has been proposing the site for aircraft storage since the early 2000s.

Singapore Airlines

  • A380: 9V-SKT, 9V-SKW, 9V-SKY and 9V-SKZ
  • B777-200ER: 9V-SVB, 9V-SVC and 9V-SVE


  • B777-200ER: HS-XBC and HS-XBB


  • A320: 9V-TAV, 9V-TAU, 9V-TAN and 9V-TAQ


  • B737Max: 9V-MBA, 9V-MBB, 9V-MBC, 9V-MBD, 9V-MBE and 9V-MBF

MAvMgmt BAvn GradDip(Fly) ATPL

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