TSA Records Over 3M Passengers During 4th of July Holiday

The 4th of July holiday was a welcome one for US airlines. The holiday saw a  strong passenger demand as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened over 700,000 travelers on a daily basis. This demonstrates resuming confidence in air travel and a strong demand for leisure travel.

The lead-up to the July 4th holiday saw the following passenger numbers:

  • July 2nd: 764,761 passengers
  • July 3rd: 718,988 passengers
  • July 4th: 466,669 passengers
  • July 5th: 732,123 passengers
  • July 6th: 755,555 passengers

TSA Passenger Numbers

Source: https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput

The passenger numbers over these five days totaled 3,438,096 passengers. The last time the TSA recorded over 700,000 passenger screenings daily was on the 18th of March, when 779,631 people traveled.


2020 Passenger Numbers

The above graph of passenger numbers taken directly from TSA statistics paint a promising picture that while it may be slow, the recovery for air travel is well under way. 

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