Established in 2017

Born in a small town situated in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.

Aeronautical co was conceived on a Wednesday night at the Kimberley Grande Hotel in Kununurra, Western Australia. After discussing the sale of apparel on Instagram, it was a eureka moment when Aeronautical co's founder realised the niche for creating a clothing brand for Pilots.

This set in motion, with the help of his friends, the creation of the brand Aeronautical co. While working on the logo design, the two powerful symbols of an anchor and wings were matched, with the anchor in the center. This was the birth of the instantly recognisable "Anchored Wings" logo design. The name came about by matching both of these symbolic elements in the logo.

Aero - representing the wings, and Nautical representing the anchor.


Aeronautical co's Logo

Aeronautical co's Logo - Anchored Wings


Fast forward to today, and Aeronautical co has grown substantially in size and we are easily recognisable among the Pilot community worldwide. 

We are inspired by Aviation and Travel, and we represent the high standards set by Pilots globally on a daily basis.